So why choose Paul?
1.    I know what I’m doing and I have been taking thousands of people from all parts of the world to different section of the Wall of their dreams already. (check guest book).
2.    My mission is to give you the best and to make your highlight to China.
3.    Safety is my top priority.
4.    Small group experiences.
5.    I’m not only the best trained guide of the Wall, but very good photographer as well.

Why don’t supply food to tourist?
You know different people has very different eating habit, I was hard please everyone, so I will provide a chance to let you choice your food by yourself.

Which section is the most beautiful and why?
In my opinion, Jiankou is more beautiful, for its unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery, here has become a photographic hotspot. But it is a little difficult, people who suffer from vertigo and aged above 65 should not choose.

All the tours look like fun! Which one should I take?
It depends on your preferences and situation. You should decide which section do you want to visit first.

What clothes should we wear?
You could wear long pants and long-sleeved shirt, but shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are ok.

What shoes do we wear?
Hiking shoes or sport shoes, sports sandals are ok.

Should we bring water?
Yes, at least 1 litre each.

Should we bring a camera?
Of course, this is a lifetime experience. You will take hundreds of photos.

Will there be a bathroom on the trail?
I have to say sorry. We will have to use bushes. If you’re uncomfortable using the bushes, please let us know before the hike begins so you can both figure out what’s best for you.

Do we need to bring anything else?
A towel and sun screen.

Should we tip the guide?
If you’re happy with the hike, it is the best way to show your appreciation. But this is not necessary.