This is one of the most scenic stretch of Great Wall around Beijing. This is the real Great Wall, not something like touristy Disney-style walls restored to please you. Due to its unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery, here has become a photographic hotspot and also a hot travel destination these days. Most Beijing people loving outdoor activities heard about it. If you look carefully at the recent published Great Wall photographic works, you will quickly find that most of the pictures are taken from here.

          The section of Great Wall was an important stretch of the Wall in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It connects to Mutianyu Great Wall in the east and joins Huanghuacheng Great Wall in the west. From east to north, the Wall zigzags 9.3 miles from ‘The Ox Horn Edge Wall’ to ‘The Nine Eye Tower’ via ‘The Beijing Knot’. Compared with Mutianyu Great Wall, the mountain is higher and steeper, while compared with Simatai Great Wall, it is more winding and varied. It was built from the local material-dolomite. The large pieces of white rock make the wall striking to the eye at a distance.

          There are many famous scene in this section, such as ‘The Nine-Eye Tower’, an important command post during the ancient wars. It has three layers, and there are nine holes which look like nine eyes on each side. ‘The Beijing Knot’ is the meeting point for three walls coming from different directions. ‘The Sky Stair’, is a precipitous stair whose angle of elevation is 70 to 80 degrees. It leads to ‘The Eagle Flies Facing Upward’, a watch tower built on the lofty peaks. It is so dangerous that even eagles have to fly facing upward to reach the top. ‘Zhengbei Tower’ is the right place to appreciate the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. If you want to see the real thing, this section of Great Wall is ideal for you!

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